History of Jainism

Jainism is evolving for thousands of years and we would bring an opportunity to learn glorious history of Jainism.

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Jain Philosophy

Jain Philosophy took mind share of greatest thinkers of past and present and will continue to do so. Learn the fascination behind it.

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Tirth and History

Easiest way to learn about a religion is to go to a Tirths and understand the history and philosophy millions have followed.

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Jain Calendar

Jain Calendar is an important part of millions of life and it helps followers to plan whole day/month activities in advance.

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Jain Books

Many great books has been written on Jain philosophy, science, lifestyle etc in last 1600 years. We are bringing them to you.

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Shree Deshna

Shree Deshna is family oriented Jain electronic magazine that bring a great in-depth view of current affairs in Jain community.